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Wardrobe Organisation

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Wardrobe Organisation


Every couple of months I like to have a look through everything in my wardrobe and do a bit of a ‘reset’.

I am passionate about creating a sustainable wardrobe and a big part of this is being conscious about the pieces that you keep as well as caring for them to prolong the life of your clothes and shoes.


Whenever I do a ‘wardrobe reset’ I usually start by taking everything out and separating it into piles.

KEEP - pieces I love to wear

SELL - things that someone else will appreciate but I simply don’t wear enough

DONATE- still good quality pieces, not worth selling

FIX OR CLEAN - items with marks that can be removed, or areas that need re-sewing.


If you struggle to differentiate the “keeps” from the “no’s” ask yourself ‘how many times have I worn this in the last season?’, ‘how many outfits can I create with this’ and ‘am I excited to wear this’... If it’s a ‘no’ to any of these questions its probably time to move it to the sell or donate piles.

Another trick for this hang everything backwards in your wardrobe and after you wear each piece hang it back the right way. In a month or two see what is left hanging backwards - for these pieces it may be time to go to another home. 

Finally, give everything a good dust down. Hang everything neatly, re-fold softer items, and store bags and shoes in their boxes if you have kept them (this stops dust accumulating and discolouration).