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DIY Linen Gathered Cami

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DIY Linen Gathered Cami

One thing I am really passionate about is reigniting a love for sewing, to reconnect the ‘disconnect’ we all have with fashion and it’s price tag and grow to appreciate the beauty of it again beyond the trends. Which is why I am so excited to share a little project I’ve been working on with The Essentials Club, this gorgeous girl is all that I’m about. A simple approach to sustainability without sacrificing style, Madeline has created an amazing platform sharing creative DIY’s with a lust-worthy laidback aesthetic. 

This little Ruffle Cami came about when I received a new sewing machine this year and I wanted to quickly whip something up to try it out for the first time. I used to sew quite often when I was younger but  since moving out of home had barely picked up a needle and thread. Surprisingly this turned out to be quite easy and within minutes of posting an image of it on Instagram I had people asking where I got it. So when I received Madeline's message asking me to share the steps I couldn't wait to share this project together.

Please head on over to The Essentials Club to check out the full story & while you’re there I highly recommend her other amazing tutorials that will inspire you to start creating your new wardrobe staples.