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Creating a Morning Ritual

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Creating a Morning Ritual

Curating your ideal morning ritual primes your entire day. A highly personal practise - your chosen habits and flow should be in sync with the elements that your body and mind need to feel energised, clear and open to what the day may bring you. Someone may thrive off a high energy, jam packed morning, whilst others may feel it better to ease into their day with a slower pace. It takes time and a bit of play to discover the routine that works best for you, and as time goes on you may even revise or shuffle the elements. It’s not about being rigid, but keeping in touch with what you are feeling is most needed in your body.

Here is a starting point for the elements that make up an intentional and holistic morning ritual.

In seeking to create your own practise try a combination of the elements (in whatever form feels best for you). Sit in this routine for a few days and see how you feel - does your day feel in flow, or do you feel like something is missing?


Getting the blood flowing through your body as early as possible in your day is essential to mobilise the energy in your body. It allows you to connect with how your body is feeling and uncover any areas of tension that you may have adopted overnight or held onto from the previous day. Exercise or movement will also increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, encouraging feelings of vitality as well as improving focus and decision making.

Your chosen form of movement should be something you enjoy - an energetic cardio session may be your formula to channeling high vibing energy for your morning, or a focused strength or pilates routine may instill a mind-body connection and allow feelings of strength and focus. Some may need a slow walk, yoga flow or freeform stretches as a gentler approach. Whatever this is for you, perhaps even a combination of these movement styles, the key is to awaken the body early in the day.


Just as the philosophy of yin and yang is about creating equilibrium through complementary yet opposing forces, in your morning creating a balance of energy and stillness is very beneficial for the mind. Taking a moment to empty the brain of unconscious thought patterns and observe your place in the work allows you to start the day with a blank canvas. By making space for moments of stillness into the beginning of the day you invite better mental clarity to assist with optimal decision making, maintaining attention and greater awareness of instinct.

The practise of meditation is a dedicated time of extreme stillness, whether you opt for breathwork, transcendental/vedic meditation (mantra based) or a guided exploration. However for you, this may take the form of slowly sipping your coffee in the morning sun, or reading a few pages of a light book.



To elevate your moment of stillness it is important to combine this ritual with a focus on the intention you would like to apply to this day. Humans are intrinsic creators - even if we may not feel ‘artistically’ gifted, we are all born with the need to create and contribute. Each day is an opportunity to craft an experience for ourselves or others.

So, what is it that you would like to create in your day? Remain guided by intuition and feeling, yours may be calling you to achieve work related goals, to produce something, to be of service to others or manifest a positive feeling for yourself throughout the day. Some find it helpful to put this to paper, journaling the feelings that emerge that day alongside their intention. However for some, simply focusing on this and creating an image in their mind will set the scene for how the day will unfold.


We are all blessed to embody the physical being we inhabit, however as very thought led beings we can often take for granted the vessel that allows us to move, create, travel, experience and embrace in our own way. Create space for a moment of self care each morning to remind yourself to be thankful for your being. After all, to cultivate love and abundance in our daily lives we must first learn to love ourselves.

You may connect to a bathroom ritual, using sweet smelling oils and ointments, applying them slowly and intentionally whilst focusing on thoughts of gratitude and self love. Or, lovingly preparing a beautiful breakfast full of healthy ingredients may resonate with you, leading to a moment of stillness savouring each flavor and channeling thoughts of praise for your body and all that it allows you to do.

Please share with us the rituals that you practise for a day of abundance, clarity and focus.